‫الرئيسية‬ China 🇨🇳 Taiwan From China 🇨🇳 Taiwan 🇹🇼 the United Nations should make major changes with the framework of global governance

From China 🇨🇳 Taiwan 🇹🇼 the United Nations should make major changes with the framework of global governance

From China 🇨🇳 Taiwan 🇹🇼 the United Nations should make major changes with the framework of global governance

By dr ying chieh huang

🇨🇳 Taiwan 🇹🇼


The United Nations should make major changes with the framework of “global governance”




黄穎捷 Huang, Ying-Chieh in Taiwan 2011/4/25

For the sustainable coexistence and development of all mankind, the United Nations should make major changes in the framework of “global governance” of “Global Democratic Constitutional Republican Cosmopolitanism” as soon as possible.

The United Nations should change. The goal of transforming the core values ​​of “global governance” should be the goal. Instead of merely maintaining international peace and security as a transformation goal.

The current role of the UN’s organizational structure is primarily aimed at maintaining international peace and security, and is not designed with the organizational structure of “global governance.”

The world today has faced new global challenges such as climate change, energy crisis and food crisis, which require the joint and serious response of all countries and all political entities. In the face of various new challenges, the United Nations is undoubtedly the best place to promote multilateralism; but the existing structure design of the United Nations cannot play the central role of “global governance”; the current organizational structure of the United Nations can only play the role of promoting multilateralism, and The effectiveness of serious responses by countries and all political entities to issues such as new global challenges cannot be implemented.

Since the establishment of the United Nations Organization, although it has achieved certain effects on the goal of maintaining international peace and security, the common ideals of human beings who have achieved prosperity, peace, justice and security on the earth are still far away and unfulfilled; the human world is still full today. Inequality, injustice, conflict, oppression of force, and interference by powerful countries in the internal affairs of other countries cannot be sustained for peaceful coexistence and development.

The current organizational decisions of the United Nations are contradictory The current resolution system of the “majority resolution” of the UN General Assembly often fails to constrain the behavior of “members of the Security Council.” It also defeats the “veto power” of any “permanent member of the Security Council” and thus violates the ideological trend of “Global Democratic Constitutional Republican Cosmopolitanism.”

In this context, there must be a more comprehensive human-organized leadership system than the United Nations to replace the existing United Nations organizations in order to further strengthen the central role of promoting global peace, security and development. At the same time, it is more effective to cope with the challenges of a more severe new crisis in the world.

The reform of the United Nations today does not only include strengthening the representative representation of the United Nations, or revitalizing the United Nations General Assembly or reforming the “Security Council” and other existing reforms aimed at maintaining international peace and security; today’s reform of the United Nations should be in accordance with the current world as soon as possible. Reality, convene global political entities to face the current operational framework of the new global crisis issues that the United Nations itself cannot do; reform the current United Nations to become a global political entity that encompasses global humanity, with the global democratic constitutional republic Based on the doctrine, the collective leadership organization of human beings with “global governance” as its core value complements each other and enhances the quality of global political entity “Global Democratic Constitutional Republican Cosmopolitanism” and the administrative efficiency of co-governance, and promotes humanity to the earth forever. Continue to coexist with the development of goals.

Every human being on earth can truly do its part for peace in the world. Everyone insists on a common goal. That is to promote the transformation of the United Nations into the Earth Management Committee to build the world’s integrated administrative world government system of the Earth’s Executive Yuan, and implement a truly effective global governance policy. Letting every political entity in the world cover a part of the administrative region of the big family of the earth, the human beings on earth will move towards a happy life. Human, come on!




黃穎捷 Huang, Ying-Chieh in Taiwan 20110425


聯合國應蛻變。 應以「全球治理」為核心價值的改造為目標。 代替僅以維護國際和平與安全為改造目標。


當今世界已面臨氣候變化、能源危機和糧食危機等各種新的全球性挑戰,需要世界各國與所有政治實體的共同認真應對。 在各種新挑戰面前,聯合國無疑是弘揚多邊主義的最佳場所;但聯合國現有的架構設計,並無法發揮「全球治理」的核心作用;當前聯合國組織架構,只能扮演弘揚多邊主義的作用,並 無法落實各國與所有政治實體對各種新的全球性挑戰等議題的認真應對的效能。

聯合國組織成立以來,雖然在維護國際和平與安全的目標上取得一定的效果,但人類實現繁榮、和平、公正和安全等地球的人的共同理想,仍然遙遠而未實現;人類的世界至今仍然充滿 無法永續和平共存發展的不平等、不公正、衝突、武力欺壓以及強國干涉別國內政等的霸權行徑。

聯合國現有組織決策矛盾。 當前聯合國大會「多數決」的決議制度,經常無法約束「安全理事會成員國」的行為。 也抵不過「安全理事會」的任何一個「常任理事國」的「否決權」,因而違反「全球民主憲政共和世界主義」的思想潮流。

在這樣的背景下,必須有一個比聯合國更完備的人類集體聯合領導的組織體系來取代聯合國現有的組織,以便進一步增強推動全球和平、安全與發展的核心作用。 同時也更有效來應對全球更嚴峻的新危機的挑戰。

今日聯合國的改革並非僅就包括增強聯合國的執行代表性,或者是振興聯合國大會或改革「安理會」等既有的主要維護國際和平與安全為目標的改革;今日聯合國的改革,應儘快按照當今世界 的現實,召集全球政治實體,面對當前聯合國本身無法勝任的全球新危機議題的本身運作架構來變革;改革當前的聯合國成為一個結合全球各政治實體並涵蓋全球人類,以「全球民主憲政共和世界 主義」為依據,以「全球治理」為核心價值地位的人類集體共同領導組織,相輔相成提升全球政治實體「全球民主憲政共和世界主義」的品質和共治的行政效率,促使人類在地球邁向永續共存共榮目標發展。

地球的人類每一個人都可以真正為世界和平盡一份心力。 大家堅持一個共同的奮鬥目標 。那就是促成聯合國改造成為地球管理委員會,建構地球行政院世界整合行政世界政府體系,執行真正有效的全球治理政策。 讓全球每一個政治實體都含蓋在這個地球的大家庭行政區的一部分,地球人類就邁向安和樂利的生活發展了。 人類,加油



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